Cpanel - Failed to write “/home/user1/.cpanel/caches

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Cpanel - Failed to write “/home/user1/.cpanel/caches

Ошибка вида:

[2016-09-30 10:46:04 +0300] warn [cpanel] Failed to write “/home/user1/.cpanel/caches/filesys/___”: (XID 6y85yb) The system failed to create the file “/home/user1/.cpanel/caches/filesys/___.tmp.35453288” with permissions “0600” (as EUID: 1069, EGID: 1069) because of the following error: No such file or directory at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 76.

в панеле также будет ошибка:

A warning occurred while processing this directive. [show]

означает что нету папки:


Решение - создать ее заново.