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FASTPANEL - mogwai - help

mogwai - консольная утилита для управления приложениями и панелью FastPanel. Справка по этой команде ниже:

#  mogwai --help
usage: fastpanel [<flags>] <command> [<args> ...]
FASTPANEL application
     --help                  Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).
 -d, --debug                 debug
     --debug-query           Enable debug mode for FASTPANEL database queries
     --debug-database-query  Enable debug mode for remote database queries
 help [<command>...]
   Show help.

 backup:plan --plan=PLAN
   bc start backup plan method with given id

 scan:virtualhost --config=CONFIG
   bc command for site scan

 limits generate_templates
   Generate defaults templates

 limits state
   list user limit state

 panel add --server-name=SERVER-NAME
   Add new panel address

 panel change-certificate --server-name=SERVER-NAME --certificate-type=CERTIFICATE-TYPE
   Change panel address certificate type

 panel cron
   Update certificates for Panel address

 panel test
   Update certificates for Panel address

 panel operation_limit reset [<flags>]
   Reset operation limit

 panel settings upload_limit [<flags>]
   Change upload limit

 panel mode [<flags>]

 backup list
   list backup plan

 backup start --id=ID
   start backup plan with given id


 sites list
   list sites

 sites create --server-name=SERVER-NAME --owner=OWNER [<flags>]
   Create new site

 sites update --id=ID [<flags>]
   Update site

 sites batch-update [<flags>]
   Batch site update

 sites delete --id=ID
   DeleteRule site given by id

 sites make_screenshot
   Remake screenshots for all sites

 sites session_cleaner

     Starts PHP session files cleaning up process .
     Sessions for the site will be cleaned if:
     - session.save_handler is set as 'files'
     - is 'PHPSESSID'
     - session.gc_maxlifetime is specified and greater than '0'
     - session.save_path is within the user's home directory
     If several sites save session files in same directory, the maximum gc_maxlifetime will be used

 sites fcgid_cleaner
   Starts clean temp files for FCGi handler

 chpasswd --username=USERNAME --password=PASSWORD
   Change password for given user

 schema [<flags>]
   Create/update database schema

 services load

 services configure [<flags>]
   configure services

 services handle --name=NAME --action=ACTION
   Handler given services

   Cron task

   collect internal statistic

   Generate defaults cron tasks for FASTPANEL

   Generate auth token

   Shotcut for userlogin, generate auth token

   Shotcut for userlogin, generate auth token

 users create --username=USERNAME --password=PASSWORD [<flags>]
   Create new user

 php_module load
   Load PHP modules data

 parameters configure
   Configure parameters.yml config

 mysql configure
   Configure/Reconfigure local MySQL connection

 migration fastpanel [<flags>]
   Start migration from old FASTPANEL

 migration fastpanel-mount --mount=MOUNT [<flags>]
   Start migration from old FASTPANEL

 migration isp4
   Start migration from isp4

 migration isp4-mount --mount=MOUNT [<flags>]
   Start migration from isp4

 migration isp5-mount --mount=MOUNT [<flags>]
   Start migration for isp5

 change_ip --from=FROM --to=TO
   Change ip

 certificates list [<flags>]
   list certificates

 certificates show-order --id=ID
   show certificate order

 certificates create-le --server-name=SERVER-NAME --email=EMAIL
   Create Let`s Encrypt certificate

 certificates reissue --id=ID
   reissue certificate

 certificates resume --id=ID
   resume certificate issue

 databases servers list
   list all database servers

 databases list
   List all databases

 databases sync
   Sync list of databases

 databases create --server=SERVER --name=NAME --username=USERNAME [<flags>]
   Create new database

   Generate actual '/etc/nginx/conf.d/cloudflare.conf' config

 dns_accounts list
   List all exists DNS accounts

 dns_accounts create [<flags>]
   Create new DNS account

 licence ping-server
   Ping licence server

 configure apply_default_perm
   configure services

 statistic clean
   Clean all statistic info

   start FASTPANEL application

Сама утилита расположена по такому пути:

# which mogwai
# file /usr/local/bin/mogwai
/usr/local/bin/mogwai: symbolic link to `/usr/local/fastpanel2/fastpanel'
# file /usr/local/fastpanel2/fastpanel
/usr/local/fastpanel2/fastpanel: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.32, BuildID[sha1]=8404e706a107c3463bd663b13a4bf49b78940a90, stripped