KVM VPS - how to Point a Domain Name to KVM VPS

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KVM VPS - how to Point a Domain Name to KVM VPS

1) If you use a control panel, for example, VestaCP/HestiaCP/myVestaCP, HestiaCP, ISPManager, DirectAdmin, Cpanel on your KVM VPS, then use our DNS servers for domains in the ip-ns.net zone:


where ORDER_ID is the VPS server order number.

2) If the KVM VPS does not have a control panel, use the free Cloudflare DNS servers. You can create an account via link:


You will be given DNS servers and you can direct the domain via "A" record to the IP address of your KVM VPS. It is completely free. We recommend using the second option for domains on the KVM VPS service.
Also you can give us access to Cloudflare - we will do it for you.