Linux - аналог netstat - ss plunt

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Linux - аналог netstat - ss plunt

Аналог команды

# netstat -nlp

через ss - показать какие порты слушают какие службы ОС:

# ss -plunt
Netid        State         Recv-Q        Send-Q                Local Address:Port                 Peer Address:Port        Process
udp          UNCONN        0             0                         *            users:(("systemd-resolve",pid=530,fd=13))
tcp          LISTEN        0             128                             *            users:(("sshd",pid=600,fd=3))
tcp          LISTEN        0             4096                      *            users:(("systemd-resolve",pid=530,fd=14))
tcp          LISTEN        0             128                            [::]:22                           [::]:*            users:(("sshd",pid=600,fd=4))

Опции ss::

p shows the specific process using a given socket.
l shows only sockets that are actively listening for connections.
u includes UDP sockets (in addition to TCP sockets).
n shows numerical traffic values.
t includes TCP sockets (in addition to UDP sockets)