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KYC (Know Your Client) - customer verification after payment

At the moment, account verification is being done for all IPHOSTER clients
We initiate transparent cooperation with our clients and to enable order processing, it is enough to pass the account verification just once!
Please note that we do not provide services to anonymous users, in accordance with our agreement clause 2.3.2., which you have read and accepted, we are obliged by law to verify your account.
IMPORTANT! We are a European company in the jurisdiction of Estonia and are obliged to comply with the Personal Data Protection Law (GDPR), we do not store personal data of customers and after verification all files will be REMOVED immediately!
This check is carried out solely to prevent illegal actions in our network, since after checking the client gets access to it.
Photos of documents (passport or driver's license) must be taken with paper where your login and current date are written (as shown in the photo) in order to avoid forgery:

Verification 1.png

You can attach a photo in the formats .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .pdf via the verification ticket -> "Attach files" button:
Attach files-english-1.png

After checking the photo by the staff, the account gets the status verified and the client can fully use our services

Iphoster verified-1.png